Press Release

New Idaho trappers encouraged to complete trapper education course

Idaho’s new mandatory trapper education law takes effect July 2018

Beginning on July 1, 2018, every trapper who purchased their first trapping license after June 30, 2011 will be required to attend and pass a mandatory trapper education course before they can purchase an Idaho trapping license.

Trappers that have successfully passed and are certified through the Idaho voluntary trapper education course are exempt, but new trappers will be required to take the course starting in 2018. People who have taken only a wolf trapping education course are not exempt and must take the Idaho trapper education course.

“Trapping is a learned skill, and our course helps trappers learn the best tools, methods, and locations for catching their intended quarry,” said Bill Seybold, Idaho Fish and Game’s Trapper Education Coordinator. “But responsible trapping is critical, and this course teaches trappers how to avoid catching non-target animals, as well as how to minimize their potential impacts on other recreationists.”

The course covers basic trapping techniques with a strong focus on safety and ethical trapper behavior. Selecting safe and responsible trap set locations is emphasized throughout. Other topics include furbearer behavior and management, trapping regulations, equipment selection and maintenance, avoiding non-target catches, and care of captured animals.

Courses are taught by experienced trappers and Fish and Game employees, and are a mixture of classroom instruction and field experience. While new trappers will learn a great deal in the class, experienced trappers can benefit as well.

Courses are scheduled periodically and more will be available as seasons draw closer. Watch the Fish and Game website for upcoming classes at, and click on the trapper education link.

Participants must be at least 9 years of age and can register at any Fish and Game office or online. Space is limited and registration is required. Registering at a Fish and Game office costs $8. Online registration by credit card requires an added convenience fee of $1.75.

For more information regarding trapper education courses offered in your area, please contact your nearest Fish and Game office.