Press Release

More Chinook Salmon Coming to Boise River

Idaho Fish and Game will be releasing more Chinook salmon into the Boise River. The release will take place sometime between noon and 4 p.m. on Friday July 18. Chinook salmon will be released at Glenwood Bridge, Park Center Bridge and Barber Park. This is the second release of Chinook salmon into the Boise River this summer. The first release of approximately 150 Chinook was comprised of approximately 50 adult Chinook (24 inches or longer) and approximately 100 jacks (less than 24 inches in length). The ratio of jacks to adults in the second release will not be known until the fish are removed from the weir at the Rapid River Hatchery. The total number of salmon to be released will depend on how many are trapped at the weir by Friday morning.

"Numbers are not certain but likely at least 150." said anadromous fisheries manager Sam Sharr.

Any angler wishing to harvest Chinook salmon from the Boise River must possess a valid Idaho fishing license and a salmon permit. Anglers are allowed to keep 2 Chinook salmon per day, regardless of size. The possession limit is 6 Chinook salmon, regardless of size. Jack salmon (those less than 24 inches) must be included in those limits. Adult salmon (those 24 inches or longer) must be recorded on an angler's salmon permit. For a complete list of rules for Chinook fishing on the Boise River, pick up a rules brochure at any Fish and Game office. The brochure is also available online at: