Press Release

Moose, sheep and goat rules available soon

Idaho's 2017 and 2018 moose, bighorn sheep and mountain goat seasons and rules booklet arrived from the printer and should be available at Fish and Game offices and license vendors later this week.

They are available online now at

The seasons for moose and bighorn sheep include changes in tag numbers and controlled hunt areas in response to population changes and past harvest success rates. Overall moose tags were reduced by 68, and some controlled hunt area boundaries were modified in Unit 1. Bighorn sheep tags were increased by eight tags - six Rocky Mountain and two California. Controlled area boundaries were changed in controlled hunt areas 11, 27-4, 28-1, and 28-2. New hunts were also added in controlled hunt areas 28-3, 54-1 and 54-2.

No changes were made to mountain goat seasons, with 50 tags available.

Hunting for these species is by controlled hunt only. The first controlled hunt application is from April 1 through midnight Mountain time April 30. Any tags remaining after the first drawing will be offered in a second drawing, with the second application period running from June 15 through June 25.