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Clearwater region waters to be stocked with trout in March

Over 8,400 rainbow trout will be stocked at four locations in the Clearwater region this March

Idaho Fish and Game staff will be stocking catchable-size (10 to 12 inch) rainbow trout at four Clearwater region locations this March. This will be the first load of hatchery fish making their way into Clearwater region waters during 2021 with thousands more hatchery fish scheduled to be stocked throughout the region this spring as conditions allow.

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IDFG-J. Bruns

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Creative Commons Licence
Glenna Gomez, Idaho Fish and Game
Body of water  Location Week to be stocked Number to be stocked
Mann Lake Lewiston March 8-12 5,400
Hordemann Pond Moscow March 15-19 500
Kiwanis Park Pond Lewiston March 15-19 750
Robinson Pond Kamiah March 15-19 500
Robinson Pond Kamiah March 22-26 500
Kiwanis Park Pond Lewiston March 22-26 750

Stocking of all waters is tentative and dependent on river/lake/pond conditions; dates may change due to weather or staffing constraints.

For maps of these fishing locations and other angling destinations in Idaho please visit the Idaho Fish Planner.