Press Release

Magic Valley Region rainbow trout stocking schedule for October 2019

Nearly 37,000 rainbow trout scheduled to be stocked in Magic Valley ponds and reservoirs in October.

Hatchery personnel from Fish and Game’s Magic Valley Region will be stocking nearly 37,000 10-12” catchable-sized rainbow trout at the following locations during October. All stocking dates and numbers of fish are approximate and may change without notice due to water or weather conditions.

Body of Water                            Week to be Stocked                          Number to be Stocked

Salmon Falls Creek                      Sept 30-Oct 4                                                300

Frank Oster Lake #1                    Sept 30-Oct 4                                                360

Dog Creek Reservoir                        Oct 7-11                                                  5,000

Filer Kids Pond and Filer Pond       Oct 7-11                                                    345

Blair Trail Pond                                  Oct 7-11                                                 2,000

Niagara Springs                                Oct 7-11                                                    250

Crystal Springs Lake                        Oct 7-11                                                    300

Lake Walcott                                    Oct 14 -18                                             24,000

Filer Kids Pond and Filer Pond      Oct 14-18                                                  345

Connor Pond                                    Oct 14-18                                               2,000

Freedom Park Pond                        Oct 14-18                                                 700

Emerald Lake                                   Oct 14-18                                                 750

Crystal Springs Lake                       Oct 21-25                                                 300

Niagara Springs                               Oct 21-25                                                 250