Press Release

Long Awaited MK Nature Center Project Under Way

For about 10 years now, the MK Nature Center staff has been planning to "beautify" the concrete walls that support the fish viewing windows.

The staff's vision is to increase the educational and aesthetic value of the Nature Center by "adorning" the concrete with very classy, nature-themed art that reflects what visitors might see here. Once again, the generosity of our supporters is allowing the Nature Center to take on another special project, which could not otherwise be funded.

This project was made possible by: Willow Hahn, Scott and Susan Prestel and family, Lori Schram, Mick and Joey Chase, and the Pierose-Scantling-Olson-Shanafelt-Gleason Clan as a gift to their parents and the Idaho Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

Marcus Pierce, a local artist, was selected to design and paint an aquatic ecology-themed mural on the 200 square feet of concrete supporting our largest and most popular fish-viewing windows - the ones at the Alpine Lake Waterfall venue.

Among other works, Pierce is noted for the steelhead trout that has become synonymous with Tom Grainey's Sporting Pub in downtown Boise and the Morley Nelson Birds of Prey Mural at Morley Nelson Elementary School and Community Center.