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Last minute Christmas gifts for hunters and anglers

Hunters and anglers are undoubtedly the easiest people to buy Christmas gifts for. There are items that would be appreciated that cost only a few dollars - all the way up to items that cost hundreds or more.

There is absolutely no end to the products that are available in the retail stores for someone on your list who hunts, fishes, camps or boats.

Some items are actually needed (hats, gloves, socks, etc.). Other items we just want because we think they will make us more likely to bring home meat for the freezer or get that once in a lifetime trophy. Certainly new binoculars or a rangefinder will make us more successful at finding the buck of a lifetime. And, that one color of spinner, spoon or fly we don't currently have may be exactly what would attract a new state record fish.

Most of us who love the outdoor experience won't mind if we already have one of what you give us. We can almost always use another one - whatever it is.

One item essential for hunters and anglers to get this time of year is a new license. Idaho hunting and fishing licenses are issued on a calendar year basis, and they expire December 31.

New 2017 hunting and fishing licenses first become available on December 1, but they become valid on January 1. Most hunters and anglers don't think to buy one until their first outing of the New Year, so they make great Christmas gifts.

Licenses are available at over 380 vendors statewide including most sporting goods stores, hardware stores and now even the major national retail chains carry them. Licenses are also available online 24 hours a day seven days a week. Go to   There is an additional service fee for licenses purchased online.

Because of the need to confirm residency, a person can only buy a resident license for a spouse, a minor child, or for themselves. You can purchase a non-resident license for a friend or relative who lives out of state.

License gift certificates can be purchased at any Idaho Fish and Game office in any dollar amount. Most people buy them for the exact amount of an annual hunting license, fishing license, or sportsman's package. These gift certificates can only be redeemed for licenses at a fish and game regional or headquarters office.

Many of the license vendors sell store gift certificates that they will accept for license purchases. Many will also accept Visa gift cards for license purchases, so that is an additional convenient option for giving a license as a Christmas gift.

Another great Christmas gift for a hunter is a Super Hunt drawing entry. Every year, 32 lucky hunters walk into the field with a special Super Hunt tag that allows them to pursue an elk, deer, pronghorn or moose in any open hunt in Idaho. Two Super Hunt Combo drawing winners are able to hunt all four species in any open hunt. Any tags that are won in any super hunt drawing are in addition to any general or controlled hunt tags a purchaser may already hold. All other rules of individual hunt apply.

A Super Hunt entry for a specific species costs $6. A Super Hunt Combo Hunt entry costs $20. No license is needed and hunters can enter as many times as they like.

Super Hunt drawings are conducted twice a year. The first drawing is in June, and entries for this must be purchased by May 31. The second drawing is in August, entries must be received by August 10. To learn more about the Super Hunt drawings or to purchase entries, go to

Funds from the sale of Super Hunt entries are used to expand access opportunities for hunting and fishing on private lands in Idaho through the Access Yes! Program.

Funds generated through the sale of hunting and fishing licenses and tags are used to manage fish and wildlife resources right here in Idaho.

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