Press Release

June 28: Chinook fishing update for South Fork Salmon River and Upper Salmon River

South Fork is in prime shape and fish are throughout the river

Anglers wanting to fish for Chinook in the South Fork of the Salmon River better get there soon because the harvest share may not last until Fourth of July. 

Fisheries manager Dale Allen said within four days of the season opener 25 percent of the harvest share of about 700 fish had already been caught. Some fish have arrived at the fish trap, and they're distributed throughout the river. 

Allen noted the number of anglers has been going up and the angling hours per fish caught has been inching down, and if those trends continue, the season could be over before the Fourth of July. 

"This weekend will be key," he said. "If a bunch of people show up and the catch rates keep increasing, they're going to catch them quickly. If you really want to fish the South Fork, you better go now." 

Anglers can see the daily catch rates on poster boards along the South Fork of the Salmon River Road,  and on the Chinook harvest page. Anglers can also call the salmon fishing hotline at (855) 287-2702 for updates on seasons and closures. 

Upper Salmon River

Catch rates for Upper Salmon have been modest in the early season, and chances are good the Chinook season will last through the Fourth of July holiday and beyond. On Friday, June 29, the Fish and Game Commission will consider opening a third section to Chinook fishing near the mouth of the Pahsimeroi River.