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It’s time to hunt pheasants in the Magic Valley

Pheasant hunting will open in the Magic Valley Region on Saturday October 19th.

The much awaited season opener for ring-necked pheasants opens across the Magic Valley this Saturday, October 19th and will continue until December 31, 2019. Regional wildlife biologists are expecting this year’s season to be very similar to last year, in terms of the number of birds available to hunters. Pheasant populations in Zone 3, which includes the Magic Valley, have struggled since the mid-1980s because of changes in farming practices and the resultant loss of habitat. The 10-year average, from 2009 - 2018 for pheasant populations across Zone 3 have continued to trend downward.

The daily bag limit for pheasants is 3 roosters per day, with a possession limit of 9. There is no season on hen (female) pheasants.

The Magic Valley Region will once again stock farm-raised pheasants on the Niagara Springs Wildlife Management Area (WMA) south of Wendell. Birds are scheduled to be stocked twice a week throughout the season, with over 2,200 birds slated to be released. Hunters 18 years of age and older are reminded that to hunt pheasants on the Niagara Springs WMA they must purchase a WMA pheasant permit. The cost of the permit is $23.75 which allows for the harvest of six stocked pheasants. There is no limit on the number of permits that can be purchased throughout the season. Once a bird is harvested, it must be immediately recorded on the permit, in ink, and a notch removed from the permit.

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Stocking pheasants at the Niagara Springs Wildlife Management Area

Shooting hours for upland game birds on WMAs is from 10:00 am to one-half hour after sunset.

When hunting on WMAs, upland game hunters are required to wear visible hunter orange with a minimum of 36 square inches visible above the waist. This requirement can be met by wearing a hunter orange baseball cap.

For additional information, contact the Magic Valley Regional Office in Jerome at (208) 324-4359.