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Information Sought On Cow Moose Shot And Left

A cow moose that was carrying a fetus a little more than a month away from birth was found dead along Penny Lane off Sanders Rd. The location is about three miles north of Emida in Benewah County.

According to Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) Senior Conservation Officer Rob Morris, the moose was shot on the afternoon of April 22, 2014. No meat was taken from the cow and there were no apparent indications that anyone made an effort to retrieve the animal.

"The person who did this took not only the cow moose from the people of Idaho, they also killed her unborn calf," said Officer Morris.

Anyone with any information on this or any other wildlife crimes is asked to contact the IDFG Panhandle Region Office at (208)769-1414; or, contact Sr. Conservation Officer Rob Morris (208)993-0283. Concerned citizens can also call the Citizens Against Poaching hotline, (800)632-5999.