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F&G seeks help finding who arrowed a young moose near Rexburg

People can call (800) 632-5999 if they have any information

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REXBURG-On December 20, 2017, IDFG Personnel responded to calls about a calf bull moose that had an arrow sticking out of its head. The moose was located near the Teton Lakes Golf Course, outside of Rexburg. 

Conservation officers are now seeking the public’s assistance in determining who was responsible for this abuse. Anyone who might have helpful information can call the Citizens Against Poaching (CAP) Hotline at 1-800-632-5999 or District Conservation Officer Andrew Sorenson at 208-390-0632.

Fish and Game personnel sedated the moose and removed the arrow. Although injured, biologists thought the animal’s chances of survival were best if released on site, rather than transported to another location. It also appeared the animal had received other recent arrow shots to the head.