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Idaho Fish and Game untangles buck from backyard hammock in Pocatello

Earlier this month a mule deer buck discovered first hand that hammocks aren’t always as relaxing as they are claimed to be.

Idaho Fish and Game received a call on October 8 from a concerned Pocatello resident who had discovered that a two-point buck had its antlers completely entangled within the support ropes of a backyard hammock and could not free itself.

It took two Fish and Game personnel to grab and hold the buck while another cut the twisted, knotted ropes from the antlers. The buck was released unscathed for the most part, though its antlers were bobbing loosely as a result of the animal’s struggle with the hammock.

Although rut behavior in the fall increases instances of bucks getting entangled with various yard items, all deer can get into trouble throughout the year with obstacles found in yards. In recent years, Fish and Game has responded to deer tangled in Christmas lights, caught up in support ropes from tree stakes, trapped in uncovered window wells, stuck in fences, entwined in badminton nets, and found with tomato cages from gardens wrapped around their necks. These events not only cause property damage, they can also be dangerous for the animals.

If you live in an area frequented by deer or other large wildlife, you may want to consider ways you can reduce encounters between wildlife and potentially problematic objects in your yard, such as taking down seasonal items no longer in use.  And, if you see an animal in distress, it’s best to keep your distance and contact your nearest Idaho Fish and Game office for help.



Buck entangled in Christmas lights
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Idaho Department of Fish and Game

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