Press Release

Idaho Fish and Game Conservation Officer awarded Idaho Medal of Honor

Conservation Officer Randy Martinez returned fire while two deputies were under attack in New Meadows

The Idaho Medal of Honor Commission announced on Feb. 10 that Idaho Fish and Game Senior Conservation Officer Randy Martinez is among six Idaho law enforcement officers awarded the Idaho Medal Of Honor. 

The medal is the state’s highest honor for bravery and exceptional courage. It is awarded to first responders, including law enforcement officers, firefighters, or EMS providers, who perform exceptional, meritorious conduct in the line of duty in a situation that may have resulted in death or serious injury. 

Officer Martinez, whose patrol district encompasses the New Meadows/Council areas, received the award for his conduct on March 29, 2020. He heard gunshots and witnessed Adams County Sheriff’s deputies pinned under fire from a suspect at a New Meadows residence across from his location.  

Armed with his service handgun and no other protective gear, Martinez approached the scene. Seeing the armed suspect advancing on the deputies, he engaged the suspect with gunfire, resulting in the suspect ceasing his shooting attack on the deputies and allowing them to move to protective cover.  

Martinez further assisted by using an arriving back-up officer’s radio to broadcast the suspect’s description, direction of travel and provided support by evacuating a neighbor and securing the scene perimeter.  Officer Martinez’s immediate response, at great risk to his own safety and out of deep concern for his fellow law enforcement officers, likely saved lives. 

"Conservation Officer Randy Martinez’s actions were selfless and truly heroic,” Fish and Game Director Ed Schriever said. “I am very appreciative that he has been bestowed the Medal of Honor. Randy’s response went above and beyond the call of duty and epitomizes the dedication and commitment of Idaho’s peace officers. Officer Martinez’s recognition is a shining example that Idaho Fish and Game’s Conservation Officers are part of the 'blue fabric' that is Idaho’s frontline peace officers, especially in rural Idaho.”