Press Release

Hunting, trapping, licensing and other proposed rules up for comment until Oct. 24

People can follow a link below to comment on the proposed rules

Idaho Fish and Game is seeking public comment on proposed rules adopted by the Fish and Game Commission, published in October in the Idaho Administrative Bulletin. Publication of the proposed rules provides for additional public comments, which will be considered by the Commission at  their November 13-14 in Coeur d’Alene, where they will determine whether to designate these rules as pending rules for legislative review.  Any pending rules adopted by the Commission must be upheld by the 2019 Legislature to become a final rule. 

The following rules have been proposed, and people can comment by using the link to the Administrative Bulletin provided below. 

Airguns as legal methods of take – Docket No. 13-0108-1804 

Proposed rule would add airguns using pre-charged pneumatic power meeting certain caliber criteria as a lawful method of take in any-weapon and short-range weapon-only seasons for big game animals.

Terminate mail as a way to submit regular controlled hunt applications – Docket No. 13-0108-1805 

Currently, Fish and Game allows submitting controlled hunt applications via mail. Only 3 percent of controlled hunt applications in 2017 arrived via mail (out of more than 165,000 applications), and terminating mail applications would reduce the controlled hunt drawing timeline by five to seven days and reduce time and labor involved in manually entering applications while also preventing incorrect payments that invalidate applications. 

This rule has been adopted as a temporary and proposed rule so it would be effective on December 1, 2018 to provide information to hunters applying in April, 2019 for moose, bighorn sheep, and mountain goat controlled hunts.

Carcass transport from CWD designated areas – Docket No. 13-0110-1802

Create limitations on import/export and transportation of cervid carcasses to reduce risk of transmission of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). These rules are proactive measures to prevent potential transmission of CWD prions via infected cervid parts from other states where CWD has been detected, or from within a CWD management zone within the state if/when CWD is detected in Idaho.

This rule  has been adopted as a temporary and proposed rule with an effective date of September 28, 2018 because implementing the rule for the 2018 harvest season is  a proactive benefit to reduce transmission risk.

Revised trap set-back – Docket Nos. 13-0116-1802 and 13-0117-1801 

The proposed rule would extend required minimum set back for ground sets from the current 5 feet from centerline to 10 feet from the edge of any maintained, unpaved  public trail to further reduce potential negative interactions with the recreating public and domestic animals.

The proposal would also add paved trails to the 300 ft. setback for ground sets incorporating a snare, trap, or attached materials along with designated campgrounds, trailheads, and picnic areas.

Allow senior and disabled hunters to enter into the second controlled hunt draw for youth hunt tags – Docket No. 13-0108-1803

The proposed rule would provide an additional hunting option for hunters with a senior or disabled combination license, or a nonresident Disabled American Veteran (DAV) hunting license by making them eligible to participate in any second application period for youth controlled hunt tags that were not drawn in the first drawing. These individuals are currently eligible to apply for any leftover youth controlled hunt tags that remain after the second drawing and are sold first-come, first-served.

Create rule framework for turkey landowner permit hunt seasons – Docket No. 13-0109-1805

The proposed rule creates the administrative framework to allow the Commission to establish Landowner Permission Hunt (LPH) seasons for turkeys. This would allow more hunting opportunity for landowners with important habitat in controlled hunt areas where hunting is limited and may increase social tolerance for turkeys on private land. 

Remove moose, bighorn sheep, and mountain goat tags from transference to a child or grandchild if drawn by a parent or grandparent – Docket 13-0108-1802

The proposed rule would prevent transfer of controlled hunt tags for once-in-a- lifetime species (moose, bighorn sheep, mountain goat, and grizzly bear if delisted) from parent or grandparent to minor child or grandchild. There is concern and perception that the current rule negatively impacts drawing odds for these tags because multiple parents or grandparents are applying for these hunts in hope of drawing a tag and transfer it to their child or grandchild. This may result in a disproportionate benefit to minors and disadvantage to adults hoping to draw a tag.

People can follow this link to get details on how to comment on these rules. The 21-day comment period is from October 3 through October 24.