Press Release

Hunters traveling out of state: Prevent CWD by knowing Idaho's carcass import rules

 Fish and Game has not detected chronic wasting disease in Idaho, but it is in neighboring states

Hunters traveling out of state need to be aware of Idaho's rules on importing carcasses back into the state so they can help prevent the spread of chronic wasting disease. Fish and Game has not detected chronic wasting disease in Idaho, and your help is essential to keeping the state CWD free.

If you are traveling out of state, or know someone who is, remember the following: 

• It is illegal to import the whole carcass of a deer, elk, moose and caribou into Idaho from any state, province or country that has CWD, which includes Wyoming, Utah, Montana and 23 other states. 

• Deer, elk, caribou and moose transported into Idaho from states or provinces with CWD must be butchered with meat cut and wrapped, or cut into quarters, or deboned with no brain matter or spinal tissue remaining.

• Whole heads can not be imported from states with CWD. Antlers should be removed and skulls dried.

• For more information about CWD, a list of states and provinces that have the disease, and full rules regarding importing deer, elk, caribou and moose carcasses into Idaho, go to Fish and Game's CWD webpage.