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Hunter Education Association Announces Raffle Winner

A $5 investment has netted one Nampa girl hunting and fishing opportunities for years to come. Ten-year-old Baylie Wilson won a lifetime hunting and fishing combination license - worth more than $1,100 - in a raffle sponsored by the Idaho Hunter Education Association Treasure Valley Chapter. A combination license is raffled off annually as part of the Association's yearly fund-raising effort. Described by her grandfather, Steve Masters, as an outdoor girl with a love for fishing and hunting, Baylie is looking forward to using the new license, once she's completed her hunter education course. The license raffle was launched in February with 1,000, $5 tickets sold in the months that followed. "The response to the raffle was just great," association board member Jay Stark said. "We appreciate all the support for the Association demonstrated by those who purchased raffle tickets." Raffle proceeds will be used for range improvements at Black's Creek Public Rifle Range and for youth hunting opportunities in and around the Treasure Valley.