Press Release

Hells Canyon Bighorn Sheep Capture set for February 4th-10th

Hells Canyon Initiative to restore sheep populations

Creative Commons Licence
Jen Bruns for IDFG

Creative Commons Licence

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife plan to capture 100 bighorn sheep in three Hells Canyon herds February 4th –10th as part of the ongoing Hells Canyon Initiative to restore bighorn sheep populations. Bighorn sheep will be captured by net gunning from a helicopter and brought to a processing site near the capture location. Biologists will take health samples, radio collar the sheep, and release them on site. The operation is made possible through the cooperative efforts of the Washington Wild Sheep Foundation, Oregon Foundation for North American Wild Sheep and the state wildlife agencies with assistance from the U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and Nez Perce and Umatilla tribes. This project is part of research to determine health status and to test strategies for managing disease in Hells Canyon bighorn sheep.


Please note: This event was rescheduled after an earlier cancelation.