Press Release

Hagerman WMA Ponds Open for Salvage Fishing

Three ponds in the Hagerman Wildlife Management Area will be open for salvage fishing from July 1 to September 30, 2014. Bag, possession and size limits will be removed for all species except white sturgeon on the West Highway Pond, Anderson Pond #3 and Anderson Pond #4. These ponds have been overrun with carp. Fish managers will be eliminating all fish in these ponds so they can be restocked with game fish only.

Fish and Game has already removed many game fish from these ponds for restocking. The Department would like to give residents the opportunity to catch any remaining game fish so they won't be wasted.

To take advantage of the salvage order, anglers must have a valid Idaho fishing license. With the exception of firearms, explosives, chemicals and electricity, fish (except for white sturgeon) may be taken with any method, including seines and dip nets. All fish must be killed before transport from the ponds.

For more information, contact the Magic Valley Region fisheries staff at 208-324-4359.