Press Release

Grizzly bear hunt canceled after judge orders federal protection for the bears

Fish and Game officials disappointed in judge's decision

A federal district court judge in Montana on Monday, Sept. 24 ordered federal protections restored for grizzly bears in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, which includes portions of Idaho. 

"Putting the Yellowstone grizzly population back on the endangered species list is a setback for grizzly bear conservation," Idaho Fish and Game Director Virgil Moore said.

"Idaho wildlife managers have worked for decades with local communities, our sister states, and federal agencies to build a healthy Yellowstone population. Given the social and scientific investment we’ve made in grizzly bear recovery, this ruling is a big disappointment. We can’t reconcile this court outcome with the conservation success so many worked hard to achieve."

Idaho Fish and Game issued one grizzly bear tag to an Idaho hunter in July. That hunt has been canceled.