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Gift licenses, Super Hunt entries make great stocking stuffers

Give the gift of the great outdoors - gift certificates for a fishing license, hunting license, or Super Hunt entry make excellent stocking stuffers.

Fishing and hunting provide a good excuse to get outside, see the beauty of Idaho, and spend precious time with family and friends. For outdoor enthusiasts, there is a fishing or hunting season open throughout the year.

License gift certificates can be purchased at any Idaho Fish and Game office in any dollar amount. Most people buy them for the exact amount of an annual hunting license, fishing license, combination, or sportsman's package.

Several options and price ranges are available, depending on the age of the recipient and type of license - hunting, fishing or combination. These gift certificates can be only be redeemed for hunting and fishing licenses at Fish and Game offices.

Because of the need to confirm residency, a person can only buy a resident license for a spouse, a minor child, or for themselves. Non-resident licenses can be purchased for a friend or relative who lives out of state.

Many of the license vendors sell store gift certificates that they will accept for license purchases. Many will also accept Visa gift cards for license purchases, so that is an additional convenient option for giving a license as a Christmas gift.

Another great gift idea are entries for Super Hunt drawings for individual deer, elk, pronghorn or moose hunts, and Super Hunt Combo, which includes a tag for each of the four species.

Winners can participate in any open hunt in the state for deer, elk, pronghorn or moose with a tag for that species, including general hunts and controlled hunts. Super Hunt tags are in addition to other tags, meaning if winners draw a controlled hunt tag or purchase a general season tag, they can still participate in these hunts as well as the Super Hunt. All other rules of individual hunts apply.

Super Hunt entries are $6 each and Super Hunt Combo entries are $20 each. No license is needed to enter and hunters can enter as many times as the like. Entries can be purchased in the hunters name at any Fish and Game license vendor or on-line. The drawings for the Super Hunts will be in June and August 2018.

Money raised by the Super Hunt drawings supports hunters and anglers access to private lands through the Access Yes! Program. To learn more about the Super Hunt drawings go to

For more information on purchasing licenses/permits/tags go to

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