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Get your hunter education course completed in time for fall hunts

New hunters have several options to complete hunter education requirements

Many Idahoans are looking forward to the fall hunting season, and new hunters have several options to complete the hunter and bowhunter education certifications that allow them to buy a hunting license. 

Most new hunters opt for the traditional instructor-led course, which takes about two weeks and includes a field day. 

However, some people prefer an online course, which also requires the person to attend a field day after successfully completing the online course. 

Hunters who are interested in archery hunting can take the combined hunter ed/bowhunter ed course, which also includes a field day. To buy an archery permit, all bowhunters must show proof they have completed an approved bowhunter education course, or show evidence of having been licensed for an archer-only hunt in Idaho or another state, or complete an affidavit to that effect.

Courses are starting in August and September around the state, but classes become much more infrequent in October because our hunter education instructors are typically out enjoying the fall hunting seasons. 

If you were born on or after January 1, 1975, you must complete a hunter education course to purchase a hunting license, or show proof of a previously held license in Idaho or another state. One exception to that is the Hunting Passport program which allows first-time hunters who've never held a hunting license in another state to try hunting prior to taking a hunter education course. 

Don’t delay getting enrolled because courses can fill up quickly. Here’s a full list of Hunter Education courses being offered statewide. 

Another option for novice hunters is Idaho's Hunting Passport Program, which allows any first-time hunter, resident or nonresident, age eight years and older, to try hunting for one year with an adult mentor without first having to complete an Idaho hunter education course.

Hunter Education Field Day
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Hunter Education Field Day