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Free Hunting Dog Clinic Scheduled

Are you interested in hunting upland game or waterfowl? If so, then you need a good hunting dog. Sure, you can hunt without one, but most bird hunters will tell you that it's not only easier with a trained dog, it's more fun. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game is sponsoring a free clinic for hunters who are interested in hunting with dogs. The hunting dog clinic is scheduled from 8:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. Saturday, October 8, at the Cedar Hills Gun Club in Blackfoot. Though the clinic is free of charge, participation is limited to 30 people. Pre-registration is required. This clinic will teach hunters about dog breeds, what to look for in a breeder, how to pick a puppy, hunting with dogs, where to go for training help, and first aid for your furry hunting buddies. Though there won't be an opportunity for hunters to actually work with their dogs at the clinic, experienced hunting dogs will be on hand to perform field demonstrations. Think you can't teach an old dog new tricks? That is not necessarily true. Many adult dogs can be re-trained to be good hunting partners. For those of you who already have a hunting partner, you can still learn some helpful tips for improving your dog's performance in the field. For more information or to register for this workshop, please contact Steve Pope at 208-681-0153. For directions or a map to Cedar Hills Gun Club, visit the club's website at or give Steve a call for assistance.