Press Release

Fish & Game Revisits Controlled Hunt Decision

Idaho Fish and Game has heard from many concerned hunters and parents about our decision this week to allow 9 through 11 year olds to remain in the recently completed controlled hunt drawing. In response, Fish and Game Director Virgil Moore has decided to give this a second look and will make an announcement early next week.

A new law which takes effect July 1, allows these young hunters to hunt big game, if they are 10 years old by the time they go hunting. Because the first drawing occurred before July 1, these young hunters were ineligible to apply. However, it appears many parents were not aware of this because more than 1,000 ineligible youngsters were entered into the drawing, mainly as part of group applications. Idaho Fish and Game decided to allow these young hunters to remain in the drawing due to administrative and customer service reasons, which include avoiding a delay in releasing the drawing results.

Fish and Game has received numerous phone calls and emails from hunters all over the state who feel that a different solution is necessary. With that in mind, Fish and Game is revisiting this situation to discuss whether there is a more suitable way to rectify this decision. The discussion will continue during the next several days until a final plan of action is reached.

Fish and Game apologizes to all hunters for the confusion, and appreciates the input we have received in recent days.