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Fish and Game stocks rainbow trout in Dunes Lake at Bruneau Dunes State Park

In an effort to provide additional fishing opportunity, Fish and Game has stocked Dunes Lake in Bruneau Dunes State Park with catchable rainbow trout.

Dunes Lake, located at Bruneau Dunes State Park has historically been a popular spring and summer fishery for largemouth bass and bluegill. Recent efforts to reestablish Dunes Lake as a destination fishery have resulted in a growing populations of juvenile bluegill and largemouth bass. While excited anglers wait for those fish to grow up, Magic Valley Region fisheries biologists are working to provide additional fishing opportunity during the fall, winter, and spring by stocking catchable rainbow trout into Dunes Lake.

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A catchable hatchery rainbow trout

According to Chris Jeszki, Hagerman State Fish Hatchery Manager, “Catchable rainbow trout can be an important fisheries management tool by providing fishing opportunity while other fish populations recover.”

Hagerman State Fish Hatchery planted 2,000 rainbow trout averaging 13 inches in Dunes Lake in early November.

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Dunes Lake in Bruneau Dunes State Park south of Mtn. Home

Idaho State Parks and Recreation is also in the process of improving their angling access around Dunes Lake and the adjacent Bruneau Pond, which should enhance the fishing experience for Idaho anglers and open up opportunity for more bank anglers.

“We are always looking to expand outdoor recreation opportunities in the park, with fishing being an important part at Bruneau Dunes. Anytime we can offer experiences that better the recreational health of our community, it’s a good thing” said Bryce Bealba, Bruneau Dunes State Park Manager.

Fish and Game plans to stock Dunes Lake periodically from October to March over the next three years while bass and bluegill populations rebound; and will continue to monitor those populations.

Magic Valley Region Fisheries Biologist Joe Thiessen added, “It’s a collaboration opportunity where everyone wins. Idaho anglers get a cool new fishing opportunity, and Bruneau Dunes State Park gets some additional visitation in an otherwise slower time of year. We will continue to monitor the fishery and who knows, maybe winter trout fishing at the park will be the next big thing!”

For more information about fishing opportunities in the Magic Valley contact the Magic Valley Regional Office at (208) 324-4359.