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Idaho Fish and Game


Check your licenses and tags for fading, and here's what to do if they're faded


New printers and new paper are the source of fading Fish and Game licenses and tags.

Hunters and anglers who have poorly printed licenses and fading tags can get a replacement tag or license free of charge.

Idaho Fish and Game is providing a couple ways for sportsmen and women to get new copies.

  • Bring your faded licenses or tags to any regional Fish and Game office and request a replacement.
  • Mail your faded license and tags to a Fish and Game office along with a note requesting they be replaced, your first and last name and date of birth. Be sure to include your return mailing address.

There is no charge to receive replacements, however, these cannot be issued without first relinquishing the faded items. Sportsmen and women are encouraged to request any necessary duplicates sooner, rather than later. 

Fish and Game enforcement officers are aware of the situation and prepared to assist hunters. Should hunters encounter a check station, Fish and Game staff are also prepared to assist with faded tags.

If you discover you have a faded tag after you harvested an animal, cut two notches in the tag and write the month next to one notch and date next to the other, then sign the tag, which will validate it. 

People who buy a new license and tags can also take a photo of them with a cell phone or digital camera, which will show proof of which items they purchased and can also assist F&G personnel in the field who are assisting with faded tags. 

Fish and Game thanks the public and the many statewide license vendors for their patience while we permanently fix this issue.  

For any questions regarding this matter, you can call the nearest regional Idaho Fish and Game office or email