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Idaho Fish and Game


Fish and Game provides a mentored waterfowl hunt for disabled American veterans


Fish and Game's Magic Valley Region hosts a DAV waterfowl hunt at the Hagerman Wildlife Management Area

In late November, staff from Idaho Fish and Game, Magic Valley Region, partnered with the Idaho Division of Veteran Services to provide an opportunity for disabled American veterans (DAV) to enjoy a day of mentored waterfowl hunting. This year, two veterans participated in a Commission-approved mentored duck hunt at the Hagerman Wildlife Management Area. The mentored hunt allows for these American hero’s to participate in a special hunting activity, which for many, is their first time in a duck blind.


SFC Kylene Robertson, disabled American veteran and active duty Idaho National Guard.


Kylene Robertson and mentor Skyler Farnsworth waterfowl hunting in late November.

We were honored this year to provide our first disabled American Veteran woman mentored waterfowl hunt to SFC Kylene Robertson from the Boise area who is active duty Idaho National Guard. “This opportunity to hunt waterfowl in a very special area has definitely made long lasting memories and collected a whole bucket list of experiences” she said, “all the mentors and Fish and Game staff made it a hunt to remember. It was simply an amazing opportunity.”


Army disabled American veteran Matt Compton takes aim at ducks during his mentored hunt.


Matt Compton and mentor Barry Crose hunt ducks from a blind during the DAV mentored waterfowl hunt.

Army veteran Matt Compton participated in this years disabled American veteran mentored hunt at the Hagerman Wildlife Management Area. According to Compton, “The DAV hunt is one of the most incredible hunts that a service member could ask for. The mentors were very passionate and willing to help the service members learn as well as guide them to be successful throughout the hunt.


Waterfowl mentor Barry Crose with the Mule Deer Foundation calls in ducks during the DAV mentored hunt.


Skeet, a Labrador retriever, was happy to get involved in the DAV mentored hunt.

One of the amazing waterfowl hunt mentors is Barry Crose, Idaho Regional Director for the Mule Deer Foundation. Not only an amazing volunteer mentor and waterfowl hunter, but he also trains Labrador retrievers who are a critical member of the hunting team. 


Kylene, Matt and Skeet after a successful day hunting ducks at the Hagerman Wildlife Management Area.


DAV hunters, mentors and their dogs gather to celebrate an amazing day of waterfowl hunting.

After a day of the mentors skillfully calling in ducks and the veterans putting shot into the air everyone was able to walk away with their limits of ducks. The day could not be a success without the incredible volunteer mentors and their highly-trained retrievers who teamed up with our hero veterans.  It was truly a day to remember!