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Idaho Fish and Game

A check station staff member looks at an obex sample taken from an elk for CWD sampling

Fish and Game announces closure of Chronic Wasting Disease surveillance hunts 1904 and 1955 on Sunday, Dec. 12


Closure announcement means hunts 1904 and 1955 will close at the end of shooting hours Sunday, Dec. 12

Idaho Fish and Game staff has informed the Fish and Game Director that CWD sample targets have been met, or will soon be met, for CWD surveillance hunts 1904 and 1955. These hunts are on private and public land in Hunt Area 14 for antlered white-tailed deer and will close at the end of official shooting hours (1/2 hour after sunset) on Dec.12, 2021. 

Fish and Game set 35 CWD surveillance hunts to gather samples for CWD testing, and individual hunts will be closed when sample targets are reached and 48 hours advance notice is provided to hunters. 

To see what other CWD surveillance hunts remain open, or have been closed, go to the CWD surveillance hunt webpage.