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F&G staff relocate moose from Eagle neighborhood

On Thursday, August 4, Southwest Region wildlife and enforcement staff successfully relocated a young adult bull moose from a neighborhood on N. Cobblestone Lane in Eagle, near W. State Street. Staff moved the moose to a more suitable area near Smiths Ferry.

Fish and Game first received reports of the moose in the late afternoon on August 3. Responding law enforcement personnel from the Ada County Sheriff’s Office/Eagle Police observed the moose's movements – hoping to keep it away from the highway – until around 6 p.m., when the animal made its way to a nearby corn field and they lost sight of it.

Fish and Game staff remained in the area until around 7 p.m., and then returned early the next morning with the resources necessary to chemically immobilize and relocate the moose.

Throughout the state, Fish and Game handles occurrences of moose in town on a case-by-case basis, but it is always preferred that a moose moves out of town, or a problem area, on their own. Darting and relocating any animal involves the use of potent immobilization drugs, which carry inherent risks even in a controlled environment — not only for the animal, but also Fish and Game staff.

Even in the best of situations, darting wildlife is stressful to the animals. Ultimately, Fish and Game has to balance public safety with the safety of the animal.

“In this case, given the proximity of the moose to major roadways and residences, and the high potential for conflict with residents, pets and motorists in the area, Fish and Game staff mobilized quickly to attempt to move it,” said Ryan Walrath, Regional Wildlife Manager.

The animal was darted in a residential yard that was relatively secluded, which afforded biologists a safe opportunity to deploy the immobilization drugs and time for them to take effect.

“Fortunately, we were able to move this moose and the outcome was a positive one for both the moose and the public," Walrath added.

While moose are typically a rarity in the Treasure Valley, this is the second moose in the past two weeks that has found its way to the Boise area. A yearling cow was relocated from the Hidden Springs community on July 20.

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Idaho Department of Fish and Game/Brian Pearson

Fish and Game staff work on a moose that was darted and relocated from an Eagle neighborhood on Aug. 4, 2022.