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F&G is seeking public input on sage-grouse hunting proposals

Deadline for comments is Aug. 10

Fish and Game is proposing one option for the 2017 season, which is the same as the season offered in 2016. Statewide, the proposed seven-day season would be from September 16 through September 22, with a one-bird daily limit within sage-grouse range, except in designated closed areas.

Here is the season proposal and and comment page. Hunters can also visit their nearest Fish and Game office for copies of the proposed seasons and comment forms, or attend an open house meeting where they can speak directly with local biologists. For meeting details, contact your nearest Fish and Game office.

Comments will be collected through August 10. A summary of public comments will be presented to the Idaho Fish and Game Commission at their meeting later in August when they will set the final seasons.

The 2017 season proposals follow the hunting season and bag-limit guidelines as laid out in the Conservation Plan for the Greater Sage-grouse in Idaho.

The guidelines compare the current three-year running average of male sage-grouse counted at leks (breeding sites) from 1996-2000 when Idaho began intensified surveys statewide. Current sage-grouse lek data indicate that many populations could be hunted at the “Restrictive” level. The guidelines also allow the flexibility to consider local issues of concern, such as insufficient data, isolated populations or impacts of wildfire and West Nile virus.

sage-grouse male, mating display
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sage-grouse male, mating display