Press Release

F&G Gets Help to Fight Invasive Species

When it comes to invasive species, all of Idaho is bracing for attack, but certain spots in the Gem State are so precious that special attention is being taken to protect them.

To help prevent the invasion of exotic species, the Idaho Fish & Wildlife Foundation funded a wader wash disinfection project in the Island Park area for the 2013 fishing season. The Foundation has provided $5,000 to Idaho Fish and Game to create new wader wash stations in the area and continue to fund the stations located at Harriman State Park and at the U.S. Forest Service parking area, Log Jam, in Last Chance.

The threat on Idaho's waters comes from a variety of foreign sources and takes many shapes. In addition to the exotic snails and mussels that have been in the news, threats from non-native plants are also very real and even foreign bacteria and viruses.

"The wader wash stations consist of an information panel with instructions, a 40 gallon tub with the disinfectant solution, and wader and boot scrubbers," regional fisheries biologist Jessica Buelow said. "The disinfectant's active ingredient will be Vircon aquatic, which has proven highly effective in killing invasive species, such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, molds, mussels and Eurasian water milfoil."

Flat Ranch Preserve will have a disinfection station in their parking area for public use, and Henrys Lake Foundation funded wader wash disinfection stations around Henrys Lake for the 2013 fishing season. The Targhee National Forest Resource Advisory Committee team has also granted funding for this project.

The procedures for using the wash stations are fairly simple.

"By following these easy steps, we hope to continue to stop the spread of invasive species in the Island Park Area and especially Henrys Lake," Buelow said. "This program is purely voluntary, but we hope with everyone's cooperation it will be successful."

For information contact Jessica Buelow at 208-558-7202 or email at