Press Release

F&G Closes Crystal Springs Pond Temporarily

Idaho Fish and Game has closed the Crystal Springs Pond to allow repair of failed embankment.

The pond at the Springfield Hatchery just south of Highway 39 near Springfield is closed to fishing and public access effective immediately.

About 10:40 a.m. Tuesday, February 12, a portion of the pond's embankment failed, partially draining of the pond. Fish and Game personnel assessed the area below the pond and found no visible damage or safety issues as a result of the water released from the pond. The cause of the failure is being investigated, and repairs will correct any structural deficiencies.

"The situation is stable, and Fish and Game personnel are now working on a plan to repair and refill the popular fishing pond in a timely manner," said Mark Gamblin, regional supervisor for Fish and Game's southeast region. "However, until all repairs are completed, the Crystal Springs Pond will remain closed to access and fishing."

Fish and Game will notify the public as soon as the status of the pond changes.

For information contact Jennifer Jackson, regional conservation educator at 208-251-9403 or David Teuscher, regional fisheries manager at 208-251-9401.