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F & G Seeks Information on Three Dead Moose

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game is seeking information about the recent poaching and wasting of three moose in the Panhandle Region.

Officials say all three moose appear to have been shot on or around October 17, and all three were left to waste. The first moose, a large, adult cow, was shot at least twice. The cow was left to waste just off of the Searchlight Road in the Marie Creek area, in Game Management Unit 3.

The other two moose were young bulls, shot and left lying in the brush about 20 feet from one another. These two bulls were found on the ridge between Wolf Lodge Saddle and Skitwish, also in Game Management Unit 3.

"As citizens of Idaho we have an obligation to not tolerate this type of behavior and waste of our wildlife resources and natural heritage," District Conservation Officer Mark Rhodes said.

Many people attempt to draw a moose permit for years in order to lawfully harvest a moose.

"The unlawful killing of a moose is simply stealing the resource from those who want to hunt them lawfully, or want to enjoy them in the wild," Rhodes said.

Idaho conservation officers cover patrol districts that average more than 1,000 square miles per officer. With such large areas to patrol, Fish and Game officers rely on reports from concerned residents to solve wildlife crime.

Rhodes asked that anyone with information on these cases, or any other wildlife violations is asked to call Idaho Fish and Game at 208-769-1414, contact a conservation officer, any Idaho Fish and Game office, their local sheriff's office or the Idaho State Police, or call the Citizens Against Poaching Hotline at 1-800-632-5999, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Callers may remain anonymous, and they may be eligible for a cash reward for information leading to a citation.