Press Release

Early bird gets the worm-- free worms to anglers while supplies last

Attention anglers! It may be a little rainy this Memorial Day weekend, but sometimes that makes for the best fishing. To help you get ready for some fishing fun this weekend and the days that follow, the southeast regional office of Idaho Fish and Game and Ace Hardware/Element Outfitters in Pocatello are giving away worms while supplies last.

Just stop by Ace Hardware located at 222 South 5th Avenue in Pocatello or head to the Fish and Game Office located at 1345 Barton Road, and ask for your free worms. No purchase is necessary. Remember the early bird gets the worm, so don’t wait too long.

Looking for a place to go fishing? This Saturday from 9 AM to 1 PM, the Take Me Fishing Trailer will be located at Edson Fichter Pond in Pocatello. Those who register at the trailer don’t even need a license to fish while the trailer is there, and Fish and Game provides the equipment and the bait for your fishing fun! Anglers of all ages and levels are welcome.

For a list of other awesome places to reel in the fun this Memorial Day weekend and beyond, check out Fish and Game’s website at