Press Release

Don't Forget to Report on Deer, Elk, Pronghorn Tags

Hunters who submit their hunt reports by Friday, January 18, will be entered in a drawing for one of 10 Super Hunt tags.

Ten hunters will be randomly drawn from among those who have reported on all their Mandatory Hunter Reports for deer, elk and pronghorn tags by midnight January 18. This is the last chance to be entered in the drawing.

The ten hunters selected will be able to select one tag for either deer, elk or pronghorn. They will have to buy the tag at the usual price for controlled hunts, but the tag will allow them to hunt in any open unit or any open hunt for that species.

The tags can be in addition to any other controlled or general hunt tag for that species. They are being offered as an incentive to hunters to file their Mandatory Hunter Reports promptly.

To make sure that all reports have been filed, or to file a report, hunters can check at this website:

The 2012 hunts are over and hunters are required to file a report on their deer, elk and pronghorn hunts within 10 days after the end of the hunt whether they went hunting or not.

Fish and Game also has a 24-hour, toll-free phone line to speak to a live operator when filing reports - call 1-877-268-9365 to file reports 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To file reports, hunters need to know their tag numbers or hunting license numbers, the number of days they hunted, the game management units they hunted in, the date they harvested, and the number of antler points on the animal they harvested, or the length of the horns for pronghorns in inches.

These harvest data are valuable to Idaho Fish and Fame for managing big game populations. Harvest data for past years is available on the website at:

For questions or problems entering a hunter report please call the Fish and Game Wildlife Bureau at 208-334-2920.

For real-time raw results visit: