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Donations sought for habitat restoration efforts caused by wildfires

Wildfires on the Boise River Wildlife Management Area east of Boise may mean difficult winters for wildlife after more than 6,800 acres burned during the Mile Marker 14 and Table Rock fires.

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Courtesy Ada County Sheriff's Office

The WMA provides critical winter range for thousands of deer, elk, antelope, and other animals that rely on vital sagebrush, bitterbrush and other plants.

Private citizens and business owners can donate to a fund established to help restore land affected by the fires. To make a donation, or to learn more, visit the Idaho Fish & Wildlife Foundation’s website at, or contact Lorraine Mallett (208) 334-2648.

“Donations will help to restore critical wildlife habitat, as fast as plans can be developed, particularly as winter approaches,” said Ann Dehner, IFWF Executive Director.     

Tax-deductible donations will be used for planting native shrubs, grasses and forbs, and broadcasting seeds from local sagebrush. The use of bio controls, especially in lower elevation sites, to suppress annual grasses, such as cheat grass, will also be considered.

Within months, Fish and Game biologists will further inspect the burned area and develop a specific restoration plan. They will coordinate with land agencies and private landowners on the restoration efforts, which will likely take several years.

The IFWF’s work focuses on habitat restoration and preservation projects, public access, conservation education and legacy gifts from donors. Through statewide project funding, the foundation promotes a greater understanding of the value of Idaho's fish and wildlife resources, appreciation of the complexities of wildlife management, and habitat preservation.