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Idaho Fish and Game


Deer Creek motorized closure in unit 10A north of Pierce now in effect


Motorized road closure agreement revisited after originally signed in the 1980's

Idaho Fish and Game (IDFG) in cooperation with Idaho Department of Lands (IDL) and PotlatchDeltic Corporation recently revisited a long-standing agreement for a motorized closure surrounding the Deer Creek Reservoir in game management unit 10A north of Pierce, ID. Approximately 4,820 acres are included in the road closure agreement originally signed in the late 1980’s. The purpose of this closure is to; reduce road and trail maintenance due to yearlong use by motorized vehicles on production timber system roads, enhance big game security, manage and promote quality and provide a locally different type of recreational hunting and fishing experience. Many motorists were unaware of the long-standing closure as it was not enforced and signage not present due to lack of maintenance over the years. Recently, various independent local hunters brought this issue to the local conservation officer’s attention.  In cooperation PotlatchDeltic, IDL and IDFG decided to re-sign and enforce the closure of this unique area and recreational opportunity. The closure is now posted with new signage and the non-motorized restrictions will be enforced this fall. Please respect this area by enjoying it on foot and limit motorized use to existing open roads. For more information, contact the IDFG regional office at (208) 799-5010.