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Idaho Fish and Game

A group of deer in the City of Cascade approach the driver's side window of a vehicle during the winter of 2023.

Craig Mountain WMA Mountain Lion hunting route access program-discontinued


The Idaho Department of Fish and Game will be discontinuing the trial lion hunting route access program on the Craig Mountain Wildlife Management Area.  The routes were opened during the 2021-2022 season with the goal of increasing harvest of mountain lions on the WMA.  No mountain lions were harvested under the access program.  The lion hunting routes provided motorized access into areas that are normally closed to protect wintering elk and deer.  Due to the lack of mountain lion harvest under this program, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game has determined the additional disturbance to wintering wildlife is not worth the continuation of the program.  Unit 11 will continue to provide the opportunity to harvest two mountain lions. Road access provided before the trial access program will remain unchanged. For more information, please contact the Clearwater Region at 208-799-5010.