Press Release

Craig Mountain Wildlife Management Area (CMWMA) firewood sale begins October 1

Idaho Fish and Game is selling firewood permits for the harvest of dead standing or down trees on the Craig Mountain WMA. This firewood sale will start October 1 and close October 31. The areas open to harvest include land 100 feet from open roads on IDFG owned property ONLY. Permits are $10/cord and must be purchased from the Clearwater IDFG Office in Lewiston, ID. Since Craig Mountain WMA has several different land owners, individuals cutting wood must have the correct permit from the land owner they are cutting wood from. Idaho Fish and Game has coordinated with other land owners who sell firewood however, each agency sells their own permit. Below is a map of Craig Mountain WMA, the open roads, and land ownership.

For more information, please call:

Idaho Department of Fish and Game

Lewiston Office: (208) 799-5010

Idaho Department of Lands

Craigmont Office: (208) 924-5571

Bureau of Land Management

Cottonwood Office: (208) 962-3245

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