Press Release

Craig Mountain Gates To Open

With the recent snows, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game has opened the access gates on the Craig Mountain Wildlife Management Area south of Lewiston.

The gates will close March 15, 2011, or earlier if the snow depths recede below 16 inches.

Fish and Game encourages snowmobile users to use extreme caution in the area. Because of wildfires, many trees are expected to fall the next few years and new fences were constructed in several areas to restrict illegal off-road use. Salvage logging will also be in progress so users need to be cautious of the increased traffic.

The Lewis and Clark Snowdrifters annually groom and remove obstacles on almost 200 miles of trails on Craig Mountain and surrounding area to enhance access and improve safety.

Anyone with questions about snowmobiling on Craig Mountain can contact Fish and Game at 208-799-5010.