Press Release

Cow elk shot near Campbell's Pond outside of Orofino

A $300 reward is available for information that leads to a citation

Conservation Officers are seeking the public’s help for information regarding a cow elk that was shot during the closed season near Orofino, Idaho sometime around April 15-17th, 2020. The animal was harvested along Grangemont Road near Campbell’s Pond. A Conservation Officer inspected the site on April 18th and observed the field dressing and detached head of the cow elk. In the same time frame, a butchered cow elk carcass was discovered along Cottonwood Creek Road at the intersection of Kettenbach Grade that is suspected to be the same elk. Investigators are asking anyone who may have seen associated activity or has information to call the Citizens Against Poaching Hotline at 1-800-632-5999. A reward of $300 is available for information that leads to a citation.

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