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Idaho Fish and Game


Cow elk shot and left to waste near Howe


CAP reward being offered for information leading to a citation in this case

Conservation Officers with the Idaho Fish and Game are seeking information from the public regarding a cow elk that was shot and left to waste south of Howe, Idaho in Unit 63. The elk was discovered near a well-used but unnamed road often referred to as the INL half mile road . Based on forensic evidence officers estimate the elk to have been shot on August 9th or 10th. 

A nearby gut pile suggests that two elk were likely shot at the same time with only one being removed. "The elk was very close to the road and would have been very easy to find and retrieve," says Conservation Officer Joe Heald. "With all the people using this road right now, I would be surprised if someone didn't see this happen or know something about it." 

Fish and Game is asking anyone with information in this case to help us with the investigation by calling the Citizens Against Poaching Hotline at 1-800-632-5999 or Conservation Officer Joe Heald 208-993-0429. Callers can remain anonymous and a reward is available for information that leads to a citation.