Press Release

Construction Efforts Continue at Horsethief Reservoir

Horsethief Reservoir will soon be getting a new boat ramp – sort of. The popular King’s Point boat ramp is showing its age and will be replaced in September.

For crews to successfully construct the new ramp, the area around the old ramp must be allowed to dry out. That can only happen by lowering water levels which will begin this week. The drawdown will be done slowly, and the reservoir will remain fishable through the fall and winter months.

Near the end of August, Horsethief’s T-dock will be removed and stored for the winter. The remainder of Horsethief’s docks and the King’s Point ramp should be usable through Labor Day weekend, after which the remaining docks will be removed and stored, and the ramp area closed for the construction effort.

For more information regarding Horsethief’s ongoing improvements, please contact Fish and Game fisheries manager Jordan Messner at the Fish and Game McCall office – 208-634-8137.

- IDFG -