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Conservation Officers to Host Youth Conservation Camp

Summer in Idaho means camps for youths.

Youths 10 to 12 years old who want to learn outdoor skills, become certified in hunter education, and experience a wide variety of other fun, outdoor activities, should consider attending the Youth Conservation Camp, August 13-17, at Trinity Pines Camp and Conference Center in Cascade.

Idaho's Youth Conservation Camp is unique because it is sponsored and directed by the conservation officer association and Idaho Fish and Game - the same people who manage Idaho's fish and wildlife. Conservation officers and biologists direct the camp and lead the classroom and field learning activities.

Campers participate in hands-on learning in firearm safety and shooting, wildlife conservation and identification, orienteering and challenge courses, fishing techniques, archery fundamentals, introduction to trapping, float the Payette River, and more in an attractive outdoor setting.

The goal is to help young people learn about and cultivate a respect for Idaho's natural resources and the people who work to protect, preserve and perpetuate those resources.

Registration is first-come, first-served to the first 30 youths. Cost per camper is $245, including food, lodging and equipment for the week.

To learn more or to register, visit the Idaho Conservation Officer Association website at, or contact your nearest Idaho Fish and Game office.