Press Release

Commission to Meet in Jerome in November

The Idaho Fish and Game Commission will meet November 13 and 14 in Jerome.

A public hearing begins at 7 p.m. Wednesday, November 13, at the regional office at 324 S 417 East, Suite 1, Jerome.

The Fish and Game Commission usually holds a public hearing in conjunction with each regular meeting. Members of the public who want to address the commission on any topic having to do with Fish and Game business may do so at the public hearing. All testimony will be taken into consideration when the commission makes decisions on agenda items at the meetings.

Agenda items include consideration of a westslope cutthroat management plan, land acquisitions, rules ratification, modification to elk hunt 56-3, updates on the 2013 wildfires and endangered species list candidate species.

Commissioners will also receive an update and summary of public comments submitted during August and September on the draft elk management plan. No Commission action will be taken on the draft elk plan at this meeting.

A complete agenda can be found on the Fish and Game website at:

Individuals with disabilities may request meeting accommodations by contacting the director's office at the Idaho Department of Fish and Game directly at 208 334-3771 or through the Idaho Relay Service at 1 800 377 2529 (TDD).