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Commission Approves Fund Transfer for Wolf Control

Idaho Fish and Game Commissioners Thursday, January 17, approved a staff recommendation to move $50,000 allocated to coyote control in eastern Idaho to wolf control within elk management zones that are performing below management objectives.

The animal damage control funds come from the sale of hunting and fishing licenses. Idaho annually appropriates $100,000 of these Fish and Game funds to the state Animal Damage Control Board for control of predatory animals and birds.

Idaho statute authorizes the Fish and Game Commission to direct how these funds are to be used.

Since 2005, the commission has directed $50,000 or more to be used for intensive coyote removal in conjunction with the Mule Deer Initiative in eastern Idaho. The commission has directed about $50,000 in addition to support U.S. Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services activities.

In July 2012, the commission directed funds go to coyote control in eastern Idaho. But coyote control money from the previous year was unused and carried forward. At the same time federal funding for wolf management has decreased.

Fish and Game recommended the money previously committed to coyote control be used to meet the ongoing need to manage wolves in Idaho to meet management and legal obligations.