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Commission approves coho season starting Oct. 7

Fishing will be open on sections of the Clearwater, South Fork of the Clearwater and North Fork of the Clearwater.

Idaho Fish and Game commissioners set a fishing season for coho salmon, which will run Oct. 7 through Nov. 19, or until further notice.

Fishing will be allowed on the Mainstem Clearwater River, the North Fork Clearwater River downstream of Dworshak Dam, and the Middle Fork Clearwater River upstream to Clear Creek.

Fishing will be allowed seven days a week and 24-hours a day during the designated season and locations.

Bag limits will be two coho daily, six in possession and 10 during the 2017 season. The coho salmon season limit is in addition to the Chinook season limit. Coho salmon with or without an attached adipose fin can be harvested. Anglers must have valid salmon permit to keep coho.

Anglers should beware that steelhead and fall Chinook fishing seasons occur in the same waters, and the rules for those fish are different than for coho. Chinook and steelhead must have a clipped adipose fin to be kept. 

Coho were reintroduced into the Clearwater River system by the Nez Perce Tribe, and Idaho held its first coho sport fishing season in 2014.

This year’s return is enough to replenish hatcheries and provide a modest sport fishing harvest. Through Oct. 3, 2,371 coho had crossed over Lower Granite Dam about 30 miles downstream from Lewiston.

Here are photos to help identify coho from chinook and steelhead.


Salmon differences - Coho
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Chinook Salmon
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Salmon differences - Steelhead
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