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Idaho Fish and Game


October rainbow trout fish stocking schedule for the Clearwater Region


Personnel from Fish and Game's Clearwater hatchery will be releasing catchable-sized rainbow trout at the following locations during August.

Water body                                Week stocked                     Number of Trout

Moose Creek Reservoir           Sep 28-Oct 2                                           3,500

Spring Valley Reservoir            Sep 28-Oct 2                                           3,500

Winchester Lake                       Sep 28-Oct 2                                           9,000

Campbells Pond                       Sep 28-Oct 2                                              500

Kiwanis Park Pond                   Sep 28-Oct 2                                              750

Moose Creek Reservoir                     Oct 5-9                                            3,000

Spring Valley Reservoir                      Oct 5-9                                            5,700

Tunnel Pond                                         Oct 5-9                                            1,000

Robinson Pond                                    Oct 5-9                                               900

Hordemann Pond                                Oct 5-9                                               500

Winchester Lake                                  Oct 5-9                                            5,400

Deer Creek Reservoir                      Oct 19-23                                            2,100

Deyo Reservoir                                 Oct 19-23                                            4,800

Dworshak Reservoir                        Oct 19-23                                            2,100

Elk Creek Reservoir                         Oct 19-23                                             3,000

Kiwanis Park Pond                          Oct 19-23                                                750




Fish stocking highlights

Deer Creek Reservoir – 2,100 Rainbow Trout. This beautiful mountain reservoir was built specifically for trout fishing. Rainbow trout are stocked from spring through fall in this remote setting for high catch rates from shore or a boat. This is the home of the state record tiger trout!

Deyo Reservoir – 4,800 Rainbow Trout. Nestled amid farms and timber, beautiful Deyo Reservoir provides a great family fishing experience. A maintained trail surrounding the entire reservoir features seven fishing docks and two large fishing peninsulas, making it easy to find a good place to fish. There is also a developed boat ramp, picnic shelter, benches, and two handicap-accessible docks.

Kiwanis Park Pond – 1,500 Rainbow Trout. This convenient community pond is located in Lewiston next to the Snake River within walking distance to picnic shelters and a playground.

Moose Creek Reservoir – 6,500 Rainbow Trout. A shallow lake in rolling timbered hills on Idaho's Birding Trail, Moose Creek Reservoir is ideal for kayaks and float tubes. A trail surrounds the lake and nine fishing docks provide good shore fishing opportunities. There is a small developed boat ramp but gas motors are not allowed on this lake.

Spring Valley Reservoir – 9,200 Rainbow Trout. A maintained trail surrounds the reservoir and fishing docks and platforms increase shoreline access. Amenities include a picnic shelter, benches, picnic tables, handicap fishing access, and a developed boat ramp, but gas motors are not allowed. This is Stop 35 on the Idaho Birding Trail.

Winchester Lake – 14,400 Rainbow Trout. Located in a beautiful forested setting and offers very easy access. Docks and fishing platforms enhance fishing opportunities for beginners and accomplished anglers. Facilities include a picnic shelter, benches, picnic tables, and a range of camping options. Many facilities are located in Winchester State Park, where an entrance fee applies. Year round, you will find good fishing, plenty of recreation activities and wildlife viewing opportunities.

The number of trout actually released may be altered by weather, water conditions, equipment problems or schedule changes. If delays occur, trout will be stocked when conditions become favorable.

Use the Idaho Fish Planner on the Fish and Game website to review stocking history of your favorite water and when the next stocking will occur: Contact the Clearwater Hatchery for more information (208) 476-3331.