Press Release

Lower Salmon River closed to Chinook fishing; Lochsa and North Fork Clearwater will close July 1

Fish and Game has closed all salmon fishing in the two remaining portions of the Lower Salmon River. The Little Salmon River will reopen to salmon fishing during this next four-day interval, June 28 to July 1. 

Fish and Game's fisheries managers report that by the end of fishing hours on July 1, 2018,  the sport fishery harvest for the North Fork Clearwater and Lochsa rivers will have been met, so fishing for Chinook salmon on those rivers will close at the end of fishing hours on Sunday, July 1. 

The South Fork of the Salmon River and the Upper Salmon River are open for Chinook fishing under these rules. 

  • Fishing open seven days per week.
  • Bag limits for South Fork of Salmon and Upper Salmon, four per day, of which only two may be adults, and 12 in possession of which six may be adults. 
  • Bag limits for Lochsa River, four per day, of which only one may be an adult, and 12 in possession of which only three may be adults.  
  • Closing date as ordered by Director of Fish and Game.

To see what river sections are open and closed to Chinook fishing, go to the seasons and rules page

Managers are anticipating about 2,000 adult Chinook will return to the South Fork of the Salmon River, which would provide a sport-fishing harvest share of about 680 fish. 

The sport harvest share for the Upper Salmon will be about 250 to 300. 

To see updates on harvest, go to the Chinook harvest webpage. People can also get information about season closures by calling the salmon fishing hotline at (855) 287-2702.