Press Release

Chinook scheduled to be released into the Boise River for anglers on July 5

Commission approved fishing season on Friday, June 29

With catch rates, angler effort and harvest slowing dramatically in the Little Salmon River, Fish and Game staff will transfer Rapid River hatchery Chinook in excess of broodstock needs to the Boise River on July 5. The initial plan is to stock about 100 "jacks," which are Chinook smaller than 24 inches in length, and possibly some larger fish if there's excess adult fish available at the hatchery. 

Areas tentatively scheduled to be stocked include the Barber Park Boat Ramp, West Parkcenter Bridge, Boise State University, Americana Bridge and Glenwood Bridge.

Chinook transferred to the Boise River for anglers will stay within the state harvest share for Rapid River Chinook. 

Seasons and rules for the Boise River

Opening Date: The Boise River, from its mouth upstream to Barber Dam, opens to fishing for Chinook salmon on July 5, 2018.

Closing Date: The Boise River closes to Chinook salmon fishing on August 30, 2018.

Fishing hours: Fishing for Chinook salmon is permitted 24 hours per day.

Limits: Bag and Possession limits for the Boise River are:

Bag (Daily): Two (2) Chinook salmon, regardless of size. 

Possession: Six (6) Chinook salmon, regardless of size.  

Season, statewide: No person may take more than twenty (20) adult Chinook salmon statewide during 2018 salmon seasons occurring prior to August 13, 2018. 

Other rules: 

All Chinook salmon (adults and jacks) harvested on the Boise River must be recorded on an anglers permit.

All Chinook salmon harvested on the Boise River count towards the statewide adult possession limit.

Anglers must cease fishing for all Chinook Salmon (including jacks) once they have retained their daily, possession or season limit of adult Chinook Salmon or their overall daily, possession, or season limit of Chinook Salmon of any size, whichever comes first.

Methods of take:

Only hooks not greater than 5/8 inch between the point and shank may be used when fishing for salmon. Anglers may use barbed hooks while fishing for Chinook salmon on the Boise River

It is unlawful to fish in any waters while having fish in possession that violate rules for those waters.

It is unlawful to have in the field or in transit any Chinook Salmon from which the head or tail has been removed unless:

  • The angler is ashore and done fishing for the day;
  • The adult Chinook Salmon is properly recorded on the anglers Chinook Salmon permit; and
  • The fish is processed or packaged with the skin naturally attached to the flesh including a portion with a healed, clipped adipose fin scar.  The fish must be processed or packaged in a manner that the number of fish harvested can be readily determined.  Processed Chinook Salmon cannot be transported by boat. 

All salmon that are hooked, landed and reduced to possession shall be counted in the limits of the person hooking the fish. Salmon caught in a legal manner must be either released or killed immediately after landing.