Press Release

Chinook Harvest Restricted on Little Salmon

Anglers in the fisheries for spring Chinook Salmon returning to Rapid River Hatchery have caught more than 90% of the non-tribal harvest share of that return.

Idaho Fish and Game Director Virgil Moore has signed an order restricting the harvest of adult Chinook salmon on the Little Salmon River. At the end of fishing on Friday, June 27, harvest of Chinook 24 inches or longer will not be allowed from the mouth of the Little Salmon upstream to the Pollock Bridge at milepost 190 on Highway 95. Anglers can continue to harvest jack salmon (those less then 24 inches) in this river section. Any salmon 24 inches or longer must be released immediately. Anglers may keep up to 4 adipose-clipped jacks per day until further notice.

Harvest of adipose-clipped adult and jack Chinook remains open from the Pollock Bridge upstream to Smokey Boulder Road until further notice.